Saturday, August 8, 2015

President Obama Introduces and Explains the Clean Power Plan (Video)

Early in August US President Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency made history in the fight against climate change. In recent years the US has made more progress decreasing its GHG emissions than any other nation on earth. The Clean Power Plan is the biggest step yet in the effort to curb climate change. It will significantly add to the President's legacy by reigning-in climate change causing carbon pollution from energy plants and coal powered plants in particular. Coal powered plants are among the worst culprits. Together power plants are responsible for almost one third (30%) of America's GHG emissions.

Reducing emissions from power plants will decrease air pollution and diminish the level of GHGs that are causing the seas to rise and increasing the likelihood of extreme weather like the drought we are seeing in California. Big Coal will not go down without a fight they can be expect to spend millions on lobbyists and lawyers in last-ditch desperation to delay or derail the Clean Power Plan.

In this video the President explains why the plan is necessary and what it will do:

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