Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sustainable Systems Management Degree from the University of Minnesota

A new program has been created that is designed to prepare students for the vast number of green jobs that are now available. To reflect the increasing importance of sustainability, the University of Minnesota has recently changed the curriculum and renamed the Bioproducts Marketing and Management degree program. The degree is now named Sustainable Systems Management.

Environmental protection is now an integral part of good business practices. Few issues are of more importance to the global economy than our allocation and use of resources. We must be ever more judicious in our use of these finite resources. This is forcing us to carefully assess how we use energy, land, water, and other raw materials.

Students need knowledge and skills that enable them to integrate the goals of economic growth and development in global markets alongside protecting public health and the environment. Sustainability is key as is analytical problem solving.

This program is informed by an understanding of the systems thinking which is defined as the “habits, tools and concepts to develop an understanding of the interdependent structures of dynamic systems.” The program provides a comprehensive approach to advancing solutions for processes and products, commercial and industrial businesses, buildings, and energy systems that promote sustainability. The program is premised upon the understanding that decision makers need good information and this demands transparency.

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