Monday, September 28, 2015

Alabama Schools to Teach Climate Change and Evolution

Alabama is well known for its religious conservatism, however, as of 2016 schools in the state will teach their students about climate change and evolution. All 40 members of the state board of education unanimously voted in favor of the update to the science standard. This is a landmark move given that the state and many of those who vote on the board have strong religious views. For decades faith and science where at odds on the subject of evolution and man-made climate change.

It took three years to develop the guidelines. This is the first time that the standard has been updated in 10 years. In the case of both evolution and climate change educators will now use scientific evidence to explain the existence and causes of climate change and the veracity of evolutionary hypothesis.

For years there has been controversy surrounding the teaching of the science of climate change and evolution. In 1995 to the present their was a disclaimer associated with evolutionary teachings suggesting that these ideas were controversial. The disclaimer will be reviewed in a public hearing on November 9.


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