Thursday, September 3, 2015

An LSE Cost Benefit Analysis Supports Climate Action

Research from the London School of Economics (LSE) makes the economic case for acting on climate change. This study along with many others (see related posts below) make the point that the costs of inaction on global warming are far greater than the costs of acting. This is in addition to the costs directly related to the damage caused by climate change.

Much has been said about the costs of combating global warming but a slew of independent research indicates that the benefits of climate action far outweigh the costs. This was also the conclusion of Citibank study published in August.

Two research institutes at the London School of Economics found that there are significant economic gains from limiting emissions. The LSE study published in July says that improved air quality, energy efficiency and energy security combine with falling renewable energy prices to make climate action the more economically compelling option.

The employment and health benefits alone outweigh the costs of climate mitigation even if we do not factor the liabilities associated with the damaging impacts of climate change. In the simplest terms climate action has massive economic benefits while inaction will augur massive costs.

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