Thursday, September 24, 2015

Canadians Want Less Fossil Fuels and More Climate Action

According to recent poll, climate protection, energy policy and energy decision-making processes are strategic issues for Canadians ahead of the forthcoming federal elections.

The majority of Canadians do not support Ottawa's fossil fuel obsession. Canadians appear to recognize that the ruling Conservatives' emphasis on fossil fuels is damaging to the planet and harmful to our longer term economic interests.

As reported by the Climate Action Network, an April 2015 poll indicates:

  • 61 percent of Canadians think that protecting the climate is more important than pipelines and the tarsands.
  • 72 percent want to see a plan for creating jobs in the clean renewable energy sector.
  • 58 percent want a commitment to phase out coal, oil and gas and replace it with renewable energy.
  • 60 percent said a promise to legally enforce a cap or limits on carbon pollution.
  • 78 percent want citizens to have a say in decision-making about projects like the tarsands and Energy East.
  • 85 percent believe that TransCanada should be required to translate all of its project related documents to allow Francophone Canadians to review the project.
  • 70 percent agree/strongly agree that Canadians should be global leaders in protecting the climate by reducing our energy consumption.
  • 76 percent of Canadians believe that individuals are morally obligated to take action in their daily lives to reduce carbon pollution

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