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Event - National Student Government Summit

This event will take place on October 1-4, 2015, in Washington, DC. This is the large Student Government conference in America each year.At the 2015 "National Student Government Summit," you'll improve your SG and network with peers amid the inspiring vistas of our nation's capitol.

This intensive four-day national summit will allow Student Government leaders and advisors at your college or university to share ideas and solutions, receive training and personal consultations from the acclaimed ASGA staff of SG experts, and to network with your peers from colleges and universities of all types nationwide. It is the ultimate training conference for Student Government leaders, advisors, and support staff.

What can I expect?

• Dozens of SG-specific workshops
• Networking with 700 students and advisors
• Private consulting on your specific problems and issues
• Planned free time for site-seeing and/or lobbying
• Roundtables with similar SG leaders and advisors
• Tours of the U.S. Capitol
• Students and advisors from all types of schools & sizes of SGs
• Two complimentary lunches and three continental breakfasts

What you will learn

When your delegation leaves the conference, you'll be taking away specific ideas and "best practices" which will quickly and dramatically improve your Student Government. We'll help you develop plans to tackle both pressing issues and long-term projects. You'll also head home knowing how to build a more cohesive team: one that's prepared to handle new challenges head-on and more efficiently.

Attending the "National Student Government Summit" will put your Student Government on the map. Our staff and expert volunteers will help you:

1. Improve voter turnout
2. Enhance your SG’s image
3. Boost turnout at your events
4. Implement Web and e-mail elections
5. Find out how to maximize your budget
6. Recruit new members—and retain them
7. Get the average student to care about Student Government
8. Improve relations with your administrators
9. Attract publicity for your important projects
10. Run ethical and effective campus elections
11. Get students involved at commuter campuses
12. Gain real power and influence on your campus
13. Get a vote on your institution’s board of trustees
14. Attract a strong, competent, and committed advisor
15. Develop traditions and awards to spur greater student loyalty
16. Get the most from conferences and conventions you attend
17. Deal with conflict in your organization that’s tearing you apart
18. Learn why your SG shouldn’t start an “alternative” paper
19. Deal with stifling rules and administrators at private institutions
20. Offer compensation to attract committed and competent leaders
21. Develop a transition plan—new officers “shadowing” outgoing ones
22. Survey your students so you really know what they want from their SG
23. Build coalitions with different and often-opposing groups and clubs
24. Get along better with the campus press, and get them to cover you
25. Avoid pitfalls that cause problems & embarrassment
26. Organize your office & organization to allow you to seamlessly move between administrations
27. Deal with stress during your term and the feelings of let-down when it's over
28. Deal with the egos of your fellow officers and members
29. Prevent your administrators from side-stepping and delaying on your requests

Who should attend

Want to improve your Student Government? You should attend this ASGA conference!

If you're currently serving in your Student Government, or if you plan to run for office soon, the "National Student Government Summit" is perfect for you.

If you're ready and eager to make positive changes and are receptive to learning and improving, you will benefit from this conference.

The National Student Government Summit is intended for:
  • Student Government officers - President, vice president, secretary, treasurer, chief of staff, parliamentarian, historian, cabinet members, student trustee
  • Student Government members - Senators, representatives, cabinet members, judicial branch, committee members, volunteers
  • Student Government advisors - official college-appointed advisors and support staff College and university administrators - President, vice president for student affairs/life, residential life, Greek affairs and others who work with Student Government
  • Student leaders who work directly with Student Government - Campus press, club leaders, RHA, programming board
  • All types of schools are welcome - Public universities, private colleges, and community colleges Any type of school will benefit - Large schools, small colleges, religious institutions, commuter institutions, technical colleges, or community colleges
  • Incoming and/or returning officers, members, and advisors - If you have less than three months left in your term of office, you should not attend


The presenters at the "National Student Government Summit" are among the nation's premier Student Government experts. They're specialists in SG issues, problems, and trends.

All speakers are former Student Government officers and/or advisors.

• They bring significant experience and knowledge about SG and student affairs.
• They regularly consult with and train SGs.
• They're skilled presenters, injecting humor and passion into their workshops.
• They engage students and advisors through interactive presentations.

For the full list of speakers click here.
Click here to register.

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