Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sustainable University (SU)

Sustainable University (SU) is an open access site that promotes sustainability in higher education and education for sustainable development. On the site you can find dozens of links to sustainability oriented universities focusing primarily on the UK but also including universities in the US, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. The site provides links to universities that have incorporated sustainability principles into their vision, mission, strategy, planning, teaching and research, partnerships and operations.

SU explores the concept of a sustainable university and offers cogent reasons why universities should seriously consider sustainability.

The site comprises seven satellite websites (News and Information, Research, Good Practice, Quotes, Blog, Diary and Micro-blog). It considers a sustainable university to be composed of three elements, campus, knowledge and community. SU has adopted an innovative integrated approach comprising education, communication, research, networking and motivation.

The site also offers information on reporting and somewhat dated ranking information.

For more information about SU click here.

Make sure to see the article titled, "Comprehensive Green School Information and Resources." It contains links to over 300 articles covering everything you need to know about sustainable academics, student eco-initiatives, green school buildings, and college rankings as well as a wide range of related information and resources.

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