Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Institute for Research in Innovation Technology and Sustainability (IRITS)

The Institute for Research in Innovative Technology and Sustainability (IRITS) was established with an aim to consolidate current research disciplines conducted by S&T and develop research capacity in other potential disciplines.

Initially, IRITS will focus on two research disciplines for strategic development – environmental science and advanced network technologies. Strategic directions in other disciplines will be identified through relevant research activities.

Consolidation of the first discipline has led to establishment of the Centre for Research in Environmental Science, under which there are three main research themes:

(1) Wastewater treatment and algal biofuel

(2) Water quality and phytoplankton biodiversity; and

(3) Harmful algal blooms.

For the discipline of advanced network technologies, research will be focused on the following areas:

(1) Adaptive and secure cloud connectivity;

(2) Optimisation algorithms;

(3) Location-based information systems; and

(4) Tele-biotechnology related to computer network.

which will be expected to evolve into our institute’s another core expertise, and lead establishment of a Centre for Research in Advanced Network Technologies in 3 – 5 years’ time.

With the newly established framework and structure, the research institute is in a proper position to dedicate her effort to developing synergy for more theme-based research areas which will lead to establishment of other research centres in the years to come.research innovation technology sustainability information system OUHK Open University of Hong Kong Learn Distance learning Learning Skills Study skills Free courseware Self-study Self-access

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