Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why Interest in Sustainability is Growing in Business Schools

Sustainability is an increasingly important part of contemporary business schooling. In response to student demand and the dictates of the modern workplace educational establishments around the globe are helping the business leaders of tomorrow to understand a wide range of complex environmental challenges.

The business community recognizes that new regulatory regimes and issues like climate change require a new knowledge set that was not taught to previous generations of business people.

Although sustainability is less prevalent in the US than it is in Europe, it is a trend that continues to gain momentum. A big part of this shifting momentum is due to students who recognize that sustainability represents an opportunity and a competitive advantage.

In an attempt to increase enrollment business schools are catering to student demand for sustainability training. It is hard to find an MBA program today that excludes sustainability and a growing number of graduate programs in a wide range of disciplines place special emphasis on sustainability.

Simply put sustainability is a skill that business schools cannot afford to do without. For this generation of students social responsibility is about more than saving money, although this is undeniably a critical success factor, it is also about values.

Beyond the opportunities and the knowledge imperative, sustainability is an excellent fit college age students who are far more attuned to environmental issues than older people. Young people, particularly those on college campuses are part of a community and commonly they tend towards being service oriented philanthropists. It is a natural segue from community engagement to concern for social and environmental factors.

Sustainability is also driven by self interest as young people are far more likely to suffer the consequences of runaway climate change than older people.


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