Sunday, October 18, 2015

Event: Verge 2015

This event will take place on October 26 - 29 in San Jose, California. VERGE is GreenBiz Group's global event series focusing on the technologies and systems that accelerate sustainability solutions across sectors in a climate-constrained world. The event brings together the world’s largest companies, technology innovators, utilities and cities, creating a broad ecosystem of players to accelerate opportunities for business, the environment and society. The program focuses on transformative but practical, scalable, solutions-oriented exchanges through seven program tracks: Grid 2.0, Next-Gen Buildings, Smart Cities, Connected Transportation, Intelligent Supply Chains, Food & Ag Tech and Sustainable Water Systems.

Who should attend?

VERGE participants include a diverse group of executives from buildings and facilities, fleets, real estate, IT, energy, sustainability, government, strategy and other business functions. To view a sampling of who attended VERGE in 2014, click here.

Program Tracks

Next-Gen Buildings: Data intelligence, software, integrated design strategies and new models making buildings more efficient, even regenerative.

Smart Cities: Technologies, partnerships and innovative financing to help cities increase resilience and deliver smart, enhanced services.

Grid 2.0: Disruptive market shifts, evolving business models and new technologies bringing efficient and low-carbon power to market.

Connected Transportation: Coordinated, autonomous, shared and increasingly electrified vehicles enabling smarter transportation systems.

Sustainable Water Systems: Technologies, policies and market shifts enhancing water quantity and quality in an increasingly thirsty world.

Intelligent Supply Chains: Transparent, traceable and localized systems transforming logistics to increase product efficiency and accountability.

Food & Ag Tech: Innovations revolutionizing how we grow, produce and distribute food around the world

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