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Strategic Voting to Oust Harper in the Federal Election of 2015 (Leadnow)

The latest polls suggest that the Liberals should win the federal election of 2015. However it is a tight race and those who want to ensure that the Conservatives do not win are coming together to vote strategically.

Strategic voting initiatives are designed to keep the Tories from winning another term in office. People are not excited about Thomas Mulcair or even Justin Trudeau. People are coming together with the shared ambition of defeating ruling Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

They know that if they want to participate in the 21stst century economy they must free themselves of the party powered by 19th century energy. 

A poll suggested that the majority Canadians want to get rid of Harper and they will vote strategically to do so.

A September 2015 Leadnow poll of 3,000 Canadians in 31 ridings were the conservatives are vulnerable to strategic voting showed that:  "Six in ten are voting to defeat the Harper Conservatives and elect a different government."

The logic behind the strategic voting initiative is simple, rather than split votes, people have decided to vote together for the party most likely to defeat Harper. This electoral opportunity is being met with interest from the Canadian public.

"Six in ten opposition voters are willing to vote for the candidate with the best chance of beating the conservatives according to local polling." 

A number of different social media campaigns have emerged guiding people about the ways in which they can vote to unseat the Conservatives.

Leadnow has its Vote Together campaign which "connects the millions of people who want change on October 19th with the information and tools they need to defeat the Harper Conservatives."

This "Anybody But Harper," voting strategy encopases 16-riding and it is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur from Vancouver named Dr. Ali Kashani. He has used his data mining skills to assemble the ultimate data driven strategic voting resource. He has identified 16 key ridings that hold the key to election victory.

Voters interested in ousting Harper can consult to resource to find out whether the NDP or Liberal candidate has the best chance of defeating the Conservatives.

Kashani's intent was clear as he outlined in an article titled "There Is Actually a Way to Guarantee Harper's Defeat."


These are the ridings where the NDP supporters must vote for the Liberal Party candidate:

Brampton Centre (ON) Ask NDP candidate Rosemary Keenan to endorse Liberal's Ramesh Sangha: @rosemary_k_ndp

Aurora -- Oak Ridges -- Richmond Hill (ON) Ask NDP candidate Brenda Power to endorse Liberal's Leona Twitter: @brendapowerndp

Saint John -- Rothesay (NB) Ask NDP candidate AJ Griffin to endorse Liberal's Wayne Long: Twitter:@angelajogriffin

Bay of Quinte (ON) Ask NDP candidate Terry Cassidy to endorse Liberal's Neil Ellis: Twitter:@BayofQuinteNDP

Vaughan -- Woodbridge (ON) Ask NDP candidate Adriana Zichy to endorse Liberal's Francesco Sorbara

Haldimand -- Norfolk (ON) Ask NDP candidate John Harris to endorse Liberal's Joan Mouland:

Northumberland -- Peterborough South (ON) Ask NDP candidate Russ Christianson to endorse Liberal's Kim Twitter: @RussNDP

King -- Vaughan (ON) Ask NDP candidate Natalie Rizzo to endorse Liberal's Deb Schulte: Twitter:@nataliemrizzo


These are the ridings where the Liberal Party supporters must vote for the NDP candidate:

Jonquiere (QB) Ask Liberal candidate Marc Pettersen to endorse NDP's Karine Trudel:

Cariboo -- Prince George (BC) Ask Liberal candidate Tracy Calogheros to endorse NDP's Trent Derrick: Twitter:@TracyCalogheros

Regina -- Qu'Appelle (SK) Ask Liberal candidate Della Anaquod to endorse NDP's Nial Kuyek: Twitter: @teamdella2015

Edmonton Griesbach (AB) Ask Liberal candidate Brian Gold to endorse NDP's Janis Irwin: 780.616.3086 Twitter:@votebriangold

Mission -- Matsqui -- Fraser Canyon (BC) Ask Liberal candidate Jati Sidhu to endorse NDP's Dennis Adamson: Twitter: @VoteJatiSidhu

Coquitlam -- Port Coquitlam (BC) Ask Liberal candidate Ron McKinnon to endorse NDP's Sara Norman: 604.475.8858 Twitter: @RonMcKinnonLib

North Okanagan -- Shuswap (BC) Ask Liberal candidate Cindy Derkaz to endorse NDP's Jacqui Gingras: Twitter: @CDerkaz

Essex (ON) Ask Liberal candidate Audrey Festeryga to endorse NDP's Tracey Ramsey: 519.962.5155 Twitter:@AudreyFesteryga

If you care for the environment or have any interest in climate action you should be thinking about voting strategically in the Canadian federal election of 2015. The battle cry is, "anybody but Harper." Rarely in Canadian history have more patriotic words ever been uttered. If you love this country, what it has been and what it can be again, we must do away with the blight of Harper's Conservatives.

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