Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Business of Sustainability (Video Webinar)

Bottom line concerns are pushing businesses are inspiring an ever growing number of businesses to pursue sustainability with earnest. In its simplest essence sustainability is about people, planet, and profits. Everyone from corporate giants to small businesses see value in reducing costs and increasing revenue. Sustainability is now widely appreciated as a great way to improve performance. For years now the business case for sustainability has been getting stronger as more companies report on the achievements. Regardless of what brings businesses to the table, support for sustainability is at the forefront of the fight climate change, environmental degradation and social injustice.

On August 27, 2015, the Climate Reality Project held a webinar called “The Business of Climate Solutions” to investigate what business leaders are doing in the workplace and how it fits into larger efforts to stop climate change. This webinar included five panelists, three of whom are leaders in the green business movement, Jaime Nack, Bryan McGannon, and Deb Nelson. Also included on the panel were Climate Reality Leaders and business owners Simone Rothman and Jason Utgaard.

As explored in this webinar, green businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, employees, communities, and the environment.

A growing number of businesses are turning towards sustainability because they are beginning to understand that climate change and other environmental threats are a bottom line concern. Things like extreme weather and resource scarcity have major implications for important business problems like supply chain disruptions and increased health care costs.

Through the adoption of sustainability businesses can better manage a range of threats and risks. For example many businesses see value in efficiency initiatives that reduce costs, others have installed local renewable infrastructure which protects them against fluctuations in energy costs.

This webinar from the Climate Reality Project shows how business leaders across sectors are taking practical steps to tackle climate change through sustainability. The range is wide, from high-tech firms that develop new clean energy technologies to businesses who integrate sustainability into their company culture.

This webinar explores:

• how companies are redefining “business as usual” through climate action;
• the practical steps to sustainability; • why green business is smart business; and
• how to become a Climate Reality Leader and take action.

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