Sunday, October 18, 2015

Webcast - Green Infrastructure and the Triple-Bottom-Line: New Tech for Sustainable City Design

This webcast will take place on November 3, 2015 at 1 PM ET. Cities across the world are looking for more sustainable ways to manage their stormwater. As pollution increases and traditional methods bring with them new risks, many cities are embracing green infrastructure, an approach to water management that protects property and maintains water quality by mimicking the natural water cycle. Green infrastructure generates a wealth of social, environmental and economic benefits, from filtering pollutants to harvesting new sources of water. Autodesk now has new tools for simulating green infrastructure designs, quantifying their triple-bottom-line value, and communicating that value to civic stakeholders.

In this hour-long interactive webcast, representatives from Washington D.C., Autodesk, and Impact Infrastructure will explain how these tools can assess different scenarios virtually and provide rapid feedback on design and policy choices.

Among the things you’ll learn:

How cities are approaching green infrastructure for stormwater management, and how these trends affect the design and engineering teams delivering these projects. Why it’s important to value public infrastructure projects from a triple-bottom-line perspective that includes benefits and risks to the economy, the environment and society. New ways to use 3D models to simulate the impacts of green infrastructure strategies at the site and district scale and communicate the project benefits to get community buy-in.

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