Friday, November 20, 2015

Climate Adaptation Plans of Federal Government Agencies (National Green Energy Council)

The National Green Energy Council has created a resource called US Government Energy and Climate Policy that profiles the Climate Adaptation Plan of every federal government agency. .

The National Green Energy Council are focused on the "promotion, protection and improvement of the environment through sustainable energy resources."

They represent the interests of the organizations they serve in legislatures, the courts and regulatory agencies. Their mission statement reads as follows:

"Provide advice and to render opinions pertaining to all of the issues affecting the “Green” industry on the Federal, state, county and municipal levels of government; to maintain surveillance, review and analysis of all governmental activities, whether federal, state, county or local in nature, which affect the “Green” industry, whether legislative, executive or judicial in form and scope; to maintain liaison with all levels of government; and to initiate, defend, and otherwise support environmentally sound initiatives that support sustainable energy practices in all its forms."


"To maintain and increase the qualified membership of the IGEC by providing services not otherwise readily available, to establish and maintain criteria and standards for membership in the IGEC which will maintain and enhance the public credibility of the IGEC as the authoritative, informative, and representative voice of the “Green” industry."

To access the climate adaptation plans of federal government agencies click here.

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