Saturday, November 28, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About COP21 (Video)

COP21 will commence on Monday November 30 and conclude on December 11. These discussions will take place in Paris and they will be joined by representatives of more than 190 nations. It is by far the most important round of climate talks and perhaps the most important global discussion in human history. It is widely believed that after more than 20 years of negotiations this is the year that world leaders will finally succeed in securing a global climate agreement.

COP21 Agreement is a Momentous Leap Forward
COP21 is an Unprecedented Turning Point  
Unpacking the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement (Infographic)
The COP21 Climate Deal and the Crucial Role of Obama's Leadership (Video)
Republican's Failed Attempts to Undermine the COP21 Climate Agreement
The Paris Terror Attacks Climate Change and COP21
We Have a Final Draft Climate Agreement at COP21
Optimism at COP21 Despite Disagreements on the Meaning of Differentiated Responsibilities
Being Hopeful About the COP21 Climate Deal (Video)
Canadian Leadership at COP21
COP21 Compact of States and Regions Pledges Emissions Reductions Equivalent to China's Annual Output
Al Gore Says COP21 Will be a Turning Point in Global Policy (Video)
COP21 and Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets
COP21 History and Guides
COP21 Starts With Pledges of Action from World Leaders
President Obama's Address at the Opening Session of COP21
Summary of the Final Round of Climate Talks Before COP21

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