Saturday, December 5, 2015

Al Gore Says COP21 Will be a Turning Point in Global Policy (Video)

Nobel laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore said that he expects the United Nations climate change conference (COP21) will be a turning point in global policy. Gore made these remarks last spring at Austin's annual South by Southwest festival.

“We heard a lot of ‘no’s’ in the struggle to give women the right to vote; we heard a lot of ‘no’s’ in the Civil Rights movement and the abolition movement before it, and the struggle for LGBT rights,” Gore said. “But eventually there comes a ‘yes.’ There will be a ‘yes’ in Paris.”

Gore talked about climate impacts from anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. He also indicated that regional governments are making a difference and he explained how renewable sources of energy like solar are gaining popularity while reliance on coal is falling.

In this video Gore encouraged people to use social media and the internet to put pressure on politicians and spark change in climate policy.

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