Monday, December 7, 2015

Be Part of History: Help Make COP21 a Success

As we head into the final stretch of the COP21 climate talks taking place in Paris we need to continue to put pressure on world leaders to realize the long awaited dream of a global climate agreement. The goal is in sight and we must keep working to make sure that we get an agreement.

As evidenced by the Global Climate March on the weekend of November 28th and 29th, the world is calling for climate action. There were more than 2000 events in about 100 countries in support of a positive outcome at COP21. From Melbourne to Tokyo and Manila to Los Angeles people demanded that world leaders craft a pact which will keep Earth from overheating.

The final deal will not be what everyone wants. It will not be a binding legal treaty because Republicans in the US Senate will not ratify such an agreement. Nor can we expect that the hoped for deal in Paris will be sufficient to keep temperatures from warming more than the upper threshold limit of 2 degrees Celsius (if all the INDCs are implemented we will see warming of at least 2.4 degrees Celsius). However, if a deal is signed as expected, it will be a momentous step forward. While it is undeniable that more will need to be done, we should not underestimate the importance of this deal. The hoped for agreement at COP21 marks an unprecedented turning point.

The fact that the final outcome may be imperfect does not detract from the fact that we are on the cusp of signing of one of the most important documents in human history. Be part of history in the making, if you have not already done so sign the petitions demanding a positive outcome at COP21.

Here are a few petitions demanding a positive outcome from world leaders at the Paris climate talks.

A petition from the NRDC tells world leaders, "we urge you to work for climate action, including a new universal legal agreement committing all nations to specific steps to achieve a low-carbon future. It will take bold action from us all to solve the climate crisis."

Another petition from reads: "World leaders, I urge you to sign a bold and meaningful agreement that immediately limits and ultimately stops climate change, and also helps me and citizens everywhere adapt to its current and future effects.

The Climate Reality Project has a petition with a simple message that reads, "Take Climate Action Now. Zero global warming pollution. Zero extreme poverty."

With the conclusion of the talks only days away, this is not the time to ease up, we must continue to make our voices heard. We cannot afford to wait any longer we must take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now is the time to capitalize on the global momentum and sign an international climate deal.

Sign the petitions, send letters to your elected officials, talk to your friends, family and coworkers. Now is the time, tell our leaders to endorse a universal climate agreement. UNFCCC, Conference of the Parties, United Nations, COP, UN, climate action, world, globe, earth, action, greenhouse gases, GHGs, reduction, emissions, global warming, climate change,

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