Sunday, December 20, 2015

Event - Ceres Conference 2016: Business Not as Usual: Sustainability in an Age of Disruption

Ceres Conference 2016 will take place on May 4-5, 2016 in Boston, MA. This long-standing conference covers general trends and opportunities in sustainable business. Each year the Ceres Conference brings together more than 600 corporate sustainability leaders, the country’s largest institutional investors, and leading social and environmental advocates to mobilize action on the world’s most significant sustainability challenges.

Disruption is sweeping across the business world – from water and electric utility business models, to the sharing economy, to how we receive and convey information. These trends have deep implications for the urgent global sustainability challenges we face. They also present significant opportunities for forward-thinking business leaders.

Transitioning to cleaner energy, tackling water scarcity risks and ensuring resilient supply chains that protect and enhance basic human rights are forcing big changes for companies and investors across entire industries. In many cases, they are catalyzing seismic shifts that go far beyond ‘business as usual.’

Companies and investors can either recognize and adapt to these rapidly shifting landscapes and get ahead of the curve – or be left behind.

At the Ceres Conference 2016 you will learn how sectors from electric utilities and transportation to food and finance are adapting to 21st century sustainability challenges – and to gain an understanding of the roadblocks ahead as we work together to address sustainability threats on a more-crowded, more-connected warming planet.

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