Friday, December 4, 2015

Throne Speech Reiterates Canada's Commitment to Climate Action

In his first throne speech, the newly elected Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau reiterated his campaign promises, including his government's commitment to combating climate change. Last month when Trudeau shared his mandate letters he indicated that he would provide more details in this throne speech. The speech outlined the PMO's priorities for the coming session of parliament, it referred to an approach that was, "smart, and caring—on a scale as never before." While the speech confirms that Trudeau is serious about fulfilling his campaign promises, it did not offer much detail.

Delivering on these promises will be difficult in the wake of a decade of  failed Conservative leadership. The Speech was prepared by the prime minister's office and was read by Governor General David Johnston on Friday December 4.

Here are some climate related excerpts from the official transcript:

"Protecting the environment and growing the economy are not incompatible goals; in fact, our future success demands that we do both. Last week, first ministers met ahead of the international climate change talks—a first step in an important and ongoing process. Working together, the Government will continue to provide leadership as Canada works toward putting a price on carbon and reducing carbon pollution."

"To encourage economic growth, the Government will make strategic investments in clean technology, provide more support for companies seeking to export those technologies, and lead by example in their use. And as part of efforts to restore public trust, the Government will introduce new environmental assessment processes."

"Public input will be sought and considered. Environmental impacts will be understood and minimized. Decisions will be informed by scientific evidence. And Indigenous peoples will be more fully engaged in reviewing and monitoring major resource development projects."

"And recognizing that public investment is needed to create and support economic growth, job creation and economic prosperity, the Government will make significant new investments in public transit, green infrastructure, and social infrastructure."

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