Sunday, January 24, 2016

Event - ECO-BIO 2016

This event will take place on March 6 - 9, 2016 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. A biobased Economy focuses on developing industrial viable, safe and ecologically friendly biobased (renewable biological sources) solutions to build a sustainable society, involving food, chemicals, energy and materials.

Complementing these technological developments are insights and discussions on societal, economic and environmental relevant and interdisciplinary topics such as ‘Cradle-to-cradle’, ‘green or circular economies’, ‘climate change mitigation’, ‘energy and food security’, ‘resource efficiency’, ‘sustainability in general’ and ‘resource, food and product safety’.

This conference will be a first of its kind and will highlight the emergence of the research and innovation field, where we are today and what needs to be done to develop an economically feasible, safe, sustainable, and ecologically friendly biobased future. The conference will be a platform to further the discussions on this highly societal relevant topic.

Topics include:

Industrial biotechnology

Advances in pre-treatment and bio-refinery
Chemical building-block specific value chains
The future of lignin
Integration of Biotechnological, catalytic and thermochemical processes for conversion of biomass
Pilot scale & large scale biofuels production solutions

Environment biotechnology

Soil quality, including recycling of nutrients and sustainable biomass production Nature mining for bio-active compounds & enzymes from plants and microorganisms Safety assessment & remediation of bio-based chemicals, intermediate- and consumer products  

Sustainability and the biobased economy

Governance of biobased innovation: engagement; public perceptions, policy approaches
Economic aspects and Chain approaches: investment in innovation
Improving modelling sustainability, certification and harmonization in BBE
Societal challenges: food security, water security

Fundamental research in the biobased economy

Cell factories for bio-based building blocks
What is the impact of synthetic biology on developing a biobased economy?
Challenges in genetic engineering (towards hijacking of cellular control systems)
With fossil fuels becoming more and more limited and global change having unmistakable effects on our everyday lives, working toward a suitable future for both humans and all ecosystems of the world becomes essential.

Combining industrial needs with an approach from an academic, environmental and societal point of view is a new approach and we welcome your participation and views.

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