Friday, January 8, 2016

Top Environmentally Innovative Companies of 2015

Lux research has assembled a list of the most innovative companies of 2015 that are poised to make a significant impact. Here is a subset of those companies that have an environmental focus. To assemble this list Lux Research profiled 1,189 companies across 20 different emerging technology domains during 2015. Each company is rated on a scale from "Strong Caution" to "Strong Positive." Some companies who are facing uncertainty have been given a "Wait and See" rating.

Organica Water (Positive – Water): In addition to providing significant reductions in energy consumption, sludge production, and overall footprint for wastewater treatment, Organica builds low-cost greenhouses around its treatment plants to reduce odor, allowing it to locate plants closer to wastewater sources and enabling cost-effective reuse within cities.

Norsk Titanium (Positive – Advanced Materials): Norsk’s plasma arc deposition allows it to 3D-print parts from titanium use far less materials and as a consequence are up to 70 percent cheaper than those made via conventional machining methods.

Fulcrum BioEnergy (Positive – Alternative Fuels): Biojet fuel and renewable diesel are going to be major plays in 2016 and Fulcrum is well positioned to make both fuels from municipal solid waste — it has strong partnerships along its entire value chain, and is the only Fischer-Tropsch biojet process developer with proven production at some scale.

ENS Europe (Wait and See – Intelligent Buildings, Sustainable Building Materials): More efficient electrostatic filters from ENS Europe can help clean indoor air, much like a HEPA filter does, but the technology has the potential to scale up to clean smog and address other city-wide air quality issues.

AgDNA (Positive – Agro Innovation): Finding successful business models for precision agriculture has been challenging, but AgDNA has been able to get traction licensing its technology — which integrates data from existing equipment into a decision-support system for growers — to OEMs like John Deere.

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