Thursday, January 7, 2016

Vehicles Dominate Eco Technology at the 2016 CES

In addition to robotics and drones this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is focused on autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles. The Las Vegas Convention Center and the surrounding expo halls were opened to the public earlier this week and a huge assortment of the latest tech products were on display. Many of the technological innovations at the show are a function of the ongoing miniaturization of computers.

Unmanned technology is a futuristic theme that permeates some of the electronics on display this year. A joint effort from Ford and Google, as well as separate initiatives from Toyota and Kia showcase autonomous car tech. Self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality that promise to deliver safer and more efficient transportation. Autonomous vehicles from tiny drones to trucks will expedite transportation along with software-driven advances in logistics and warehousing.

Emissions free electric vehicle technology is at the center of this year's show occupying almost a quarter of the floor space at the show. Two of the eight keynote speakers are auto executives, General Motors CEO Mary Barra and Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess.

In total there are more than 115 automotive tech companies and nine automakers who are debuting products at CES 2016. From a single-seat exotic electric race car from Faraday Future called the Zero1 Concept to General Motors affordable new all electric Chevy Bolt that boasts a 200 mile range. Toyota also has a sleek concept hydrogen fuel car and Volkswagen has introduced its BUDD-e electric minivan.

Cars are far from the only vehicles being showcased at the CES, electric bikes like the folding Xcooter. Produced by Miami-based Smart-Rhino, the aluminum alloy, 42-pound plug-in Xcooter has a range of 15 miles and can hit a top speed of 17 mph. TheXcooter takes three to four hours to charge and costs $1,499 if you preorder. After April 1, the price goes up to $1,799.

Some of the other eco tech that is present at the show includes the ECO USBCELL rechargeable batteries  that won a 2016 CES innovation award and Vivitar's new "smartbulb" that doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker.

The annual consumer electronics show runs January 6-9 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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