Friday, February 12, 2016

Indigenous Women Struggling with Climate Change and Environmental Degradation

Women are on the front lines of climate change and environmental degradation and this is particularly true of indigenous women. Those who are socially and economically disadvantaged will be the hardest hit so this is an immense concern to indigenous women and the situation is even worse for such women living in developing countries. The climate-induced environmental threats they face include sea-level rise and shifts in the ranges of important species of food bearing plants.

Environmental insults are compounding the climate crisis. This is more than just a disruptive inconvenience for indigenous women, it is a direct threat to their physical, social and economic well being. For these women, many of whom live in a very close relationship with the natural world, climate change is an existential threat.

Climate change and environmental degradation are forcing these women to work harder and reducing the amount of sustenance they derive from nature. 

From a lack of safe water, to contaminated soil, indigenous women are struggling to cope. When food or water is scarce, they will give to their children and go without.

To make matters worse those who are having the hardest time managing the climate crisis are the very people who have the most to teach their communities and the wider world about sustainable living.

They did not cause climate change, but indigenous women are being battered by its impacts and when they go their knowledge goes with them.

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