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Event - Sustainability at MIPIM 2016 (Video)

This event will be held in Cannes from 15 to 18 March, 2016. MIPIM (the world’s property market) is the largest gathering of real estate investors, developers, occupiers, architects, hotel groups, public authorities, city mayors and property associations from around the world. The event is organized by Reed MIDEM, a subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions. Climate change impacts on real estate will be a key topic and sustainability will be prominently featured. This includes talks and panels on different aspects of how sustainable development impacts and influences the world of real estate.

In recent years, the word ‘sustainability’ has been catapulted to the forefront of discussions between developers, architects, political leaders, city mayors and investors attending MIPIM. The focus on sustainable urban development has seen a surge in the number of new exhibitors providing sustainable solutions, projects that have obtained impressive standard ratings, and eco-conscious conference sessions throughout the MIPIM program.


· Volvo: Will speak on how electric transport will shape real estate in the near future

· The Method South Side Soapbox Factory (USA): first LEED Platinum manufacturing facility in the consumer packaged goods sector

· DigiPlex Fetsund (Norway): a zero carbon emissions data center which uses naturally cool air and renewable clean energy - representing one of the most efficient and sustainable facilities worldwide

· EPA Bordeaux-Euratlantique (France): will construct a 50 m residential wooden building, which will be one of the first-ever towers in the world of its type

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A 50 m building made of wood

EPA Bordeaux-Euratlantique (EPA: public development organization) recently made a call for submissions for the construction of a 50 m residential wooden building, which will be one of the first-ever towers in the world of its type. Architects were advised that the structure should be made of wood, a wooden facade however is not obligatory. This project forms part of an ambitious strategy by EPA Bordeaux-Euratlantique to construct 25,000sq-m of wooden structures per year, in order to contribute to the fight against climate change and also to support the local timber industries. Seven design teams submitted their project proposals and the winning project entry will be announced on the Bordeaux Metropole stand at MIPIM on March 16.

A thumbs up from Barack Obama

The Pullman Factory District (Chicago, USA), established in the 1880’s as a manufacturing center and company town, has a rich history in the labor rights and civil rights movements. It’s also home to a new manufacturing facility: The Method South Side Soapbox Factory. Located on 22 acres in the heart of the Pullman neighborhood, it is the first LEED Platinum manufacturing facility in the consumer packaged goods sector. It boasts onsite renewable energy from wind and solar, the world’s largest rooftop farm, and the extraordinary energy and water efficiency that are hallmarks of LEED Platinum projects. The best part of the story, however, is the impact on local jobs, the local economy, and bringing manufacturing back inside the city limits in a safe and sustainable way. The Method South Side Soapbox Factory has been nominated for a MIPIM award this year in the category of Best Industrial & Logistics Development, and in 2015 President Obama announced the designation of the Pullman neighborhood as a new National Monument.

Farmers on the roof

UrbanFarmers AG is a Swiss company that is pioneering urban ecological farms that have already won many prizes, and will present its unique concept at the Innovation Forum. “With growing investments flowing into the urban environment, a lot of focus is being put on sustainable assets and technologies to secure long-term returns. UrbanFarmers as a developer and operator of rooftop farms, is the perfect complement to real estate (re-)development, adding long-term asset value, sustainable operations and a diversification of revenue acquisition,” explains Fabian Weinländer, Director of Development of UrbanFarmers AG.

The future is electric

Keynote speaker Ulf Gustafsson, Director of Public Affairs at AB Volvo, will take to the floor to speak about how electric transport will shape real estate in the near future. As electricity begins to replace petrol as the fuel for both public transport and vehicles, not only will this change have a great impact on urban development and town planning, but also the future construction of buildings and residential developments. The session is entitled: Urban planning in the perspective of electricity (17 March).

Green Planet Architects

In a post-COP21 context, calling on environmentally-responsible architecture will be essential for optimizing resources and materials, reducing energy consumption in buildings by up to 70% through renewable energy, cutting maintenance and building

management costs, and improving the quality of life of their users. Green Planet Architects, the leading international network of 800 architects from 80 countries dedicated to sustainable and ecological architecture, will be coming to MIPIM for the first time to showcase over 600 sustainable projects from all corners of the globe.

The ‘green house’ effect

In 2011, Riksbyggen developer devised Positive Footprint Housing - an innovative Swedish approach to residential and urban development, in partnership with the City of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, among others. The first PlusEnergy residential block, called Viva in Gulheden, Gothenburg, is now ready for construction. The new residential area will provide 133 new flats, and generate power surpluses. The building envelope is more compact, insulation is thicker and electricity is generated on site using solar cells. There are different forms of energy storage, geothermal heating and a district heating and ventilation system with heat recovery. Viva, Gothenburg will be exhibiting on the Gothenburg Business Region stand.

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