Thursday, April 21, 2016

Earth Day and the Call for Action Post Paris

As many as 155 countries have sent representatives and dozens of world leaders are assembling on Earth Day to sign the Paris Climate Agreement at a ceremony taking place at UN headquarters in New York City.

World leaders must act now to address climate change. This includes President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and all world leaders who approved the COP21 Agreement.

This signing is only the start, we urgently need to see policies that will deliver on the promises made in Paris at the end of last year. We also need to ramp up targets if we are to succeed in keeping temperatures below the internationally agreed upon upper threshold limit of 2C.

We must focus on what Earth Day is really about, and that is climate action. At this stage of the game anything less is mere window dressing.

The Climate Reality Project has published a petition demanding that world leaders protect our only planet this Earth Day. Click here to sign the Climate Reality Project Petition

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