Friday, April 8, 2016

Help Make Sustainable Development a Reality

I am honored to announce my participation in a project called, "Making Sustainable Development a Reality," This initiative was created by my colleague and friend, Thomas Schueneman, the editor, and publisher of and the TDS Environmental Media Network. Please take a moment to review this post and kindly consider supporting this important work.

Richard Matthews, Owner and principle writer at the Green Market Oracle.

Sustainable development: How do we measure success? How can we redefine the role of business for building a better world? At the GRI global conference in Amsterdam, we’ll explore the roadmap laid out for the private sector through the Sustainable Development Goals and the COP21 Paris Agreement.

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What Backing This Project Means for You

Gain a better understanding of what sustainable development really means, if it’s even possible and, if it is, how we make it happen.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an important step in defining a path for global development through 2030. What are they? How do they work? Can they really make a difference? Get an insider look at what the SDGs mean from experts and key officials involved in their adoption.

Learn how understanding the nine “planetary boundaries” can inform business strategy and public policy.

Get exclusive access to Beacon-only articles, videos and interviews from the GRI global conference in Amsterdam.

Hear from business leaders from around the globe on how their core business models are adapting to a transforming economy.

Have direct access to me during the conference. Ask questions, guide my reporting, let me help unravel the often confusing process of international climate negotiations. Have a voice in creating a new narrative.

Learn about solutions and the new energy economy. What it means for you, your family, your business or job.

We live in transformative times

I argue that climate change is the defining issue of our age. But even so, it is only a symptom of the much larger challenge we face, encompassing all that it means to be human, inhabiting earth in the 21st century: war and peace, our relationship with nature, economics and community.

Human equality, justice, ending violence and poverty - these and many other ostensibly distinct issues press for attention and solution. At the core of each one is the central question of sustainable human development.

How do we be human, and humane, in a world rapidly changing before our eyes?

How do we secure the rights and resources for a population surging toward 9 billion people - all of whom want what you and I want, a good life for ourselves and our families (and maybe a car or an iPhone)?

The only thing that never changes is change. But change is not uniform or steady. Human history moves in fits and starts. You and I are witness to, and part of, a turning point in human evolution.

Within little more than two centuries - the blink of an eye - we have unearthed an unimaginable store of energy, transforming the way we live. The industrial revolution and the fossil fuels that power it have brought a better life for more people than ever before.

But it is unsustainable and often unjust. The Age of Sustainable Development

We are on the cusp of a new energy age. With the accelerating pace of change, civilization in 2100 will look as different from today as the world of 1750 does from 2015. Not only the technology, but how we organize socially, how we do business, and how we relate to nature and each other.

If we do it right, we are entering what economist Jeffery Sachs calls the Age of Sustainable Development.

How do we know if we’re doing it right? That’s a question we all have a role in answering. This is the focus of my work, the question I want to explore.

Change is never easy. Least of all change that reshapes our global civilization and the power that fuels it. As great as the challenge is before us, so there is a great opportunity.

For decades we have allowed “business as usual” to rule the day. But business as usual is clearly no longer tenable.

Let’s examine the new and evolving, collaborative role of the public and private sector for building a more just and sustainable world. A world that serves long-term human needs in a new economy.

Meet the movers and shakers

Money raised from this project makes it possible for me and my team to produce original, thought-provoking and informative articles. It will also allow me to cover the GRI Global Conference in Amsterdam. Support Citizen Journalism, Sustainable Development and a Better World for Future Generations!

Through citizen journalism we get an alternate perspective of the unfolding events and trends that shape our world.

Back this project and make citizen journalism possible!

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