Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Suspected Assassins of Berta Cáceres Arrested in Honduras

On May 11th the Honduran government arrested four men and charged them with the murder of indigenous environmental activist Berta Cáceres. She was killed because of her opposition to the Agua Zarca hydropower project in the Gulacarque river basin. Men affiliated with Desarrollos Energéticos S.A. (DESA), the Honduran company building the dam, are implicated in her murder.

The shots that killed Berta echoed around the globe. The world was outraged that the winner of the 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize, was savagely gunned down for what can only be described as her noble efforts to defend the rights of her people and protect the land on which they live.

After she was killed there was an unremitting cry for an independent international investigation. Berta's daughter even called for the suspension of aid to Honduras. As the pressure mounted, the Honduran government capitulated and arrested Berta's killers two months after she was murdered.

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune commented on the apprehension of Berta's assassins in the following statement:
"Berta Cáceres was a remarkable and inspiring leader who fought tirelessly for indigenous rights and environmental justice for her community and the world. It is clear that the Honduran government heeded the massive international call for justice, and these arrests represent a small victory for Berta’s family, friends, and the entire environmental justice and human rights community. Now we join with those demanding to know the truth about who orchestrated the assassination. Tragically, this kind of justice is increasingly rare, and the murder of activists is frighteningly common. The fight for a safe, clean, and equitable future for all is far from over, but we stand with activists across the world who continue to work toward this shared vision, and we will strive to honor Berta’s unparalleled passion. Berta’s life may have been tragically cut short, but her legacy will live on for generations to come."
In a world that can seem awash with ignorance and apathy, Berta stands out for being a dedicated soul who fought the good fight, to the bitter end. She called us all to, "undertake the struggle in all parts of the world."

Berta Cáceres, remember that name and be inspired by her legacy.

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