Sunday, June 19, 2016

Event - ISEE Conference: Environmental Ethics and Economics: Values & Choices

The 2016 edition of the annual ISEE Conference will take place on June 29 - July 2 at Pace University One Pace Plaza, New York City, NY 10038. The theme this year is "Environmental Ethics and Economics: Values & Choices".

This conference asks the question: Can environmental philosophy avoid a sustained critique of the current political-economic system and remain sincere participants in the environmental community?

In other words, if it is the case, as some influential critics have argued, that the social and economic order in which we live is the single systemic cause for planetary ecological crisis, can we in good conscience remain relatively silent.

Economists, political ecologists/scientists, and philosophers have given voice to the pressing tensions between economic growth and economies of scale - sustainable development. With a few notable exceptions, environmental ethicists have addressed questions of economic impact on the environment most often indirectly through (important) topics like animal welfare, biodiversity, climate change, future generations, natural value, population, pollution, and sustainability.

Topics remain within the purview of standard areas of environmental ethics listed above but the approach would be the impact economics has on those areas.

Subject Matter

Environmental values and markets values
Are the choices of Homo economicus rational?
Sustainable development or unlimited economic growth
Valuing ecological systems
Compatibility between ecology and economics
Environmental justice

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