Sunday, July 3, 2016

Event - CR Reporting & Communications Summit 2016

The 10th Annual CR Reporting & Communications Summit will take place on October 20 - 21, 2016 at the Grange Tower Bridge in London, UK. At this Ethical Corporation event attendees can:
  • Engage Stakeholders.
  • Identify Business Risks.
  • Prove the Financial Value of Sustainability.
The CR Reporting & Communications Summit is Europe's leading conference for CSR, Sustainability, Reporting and Communication professionals looking to improve their sustainability reporting and communications strategy. Featuring 20+ expert speakers and 18+ interactive sessions.

Engage: Leverage sustainability to engage with internal and external stakeholders - build trust and drive change

Identify: Define your KPIs in line with your material issues, the SDGs and the EU Non-Financial Disclosure Directive

Measure: Create a streamlined process that gathers big data from multiple sources, then present it in a structured and consistent manner

Communicate: Maximise your impact with an innovative communications strategy that offers tailored messaging to key stakeholder groups

Act: Develop future business strategies based on learnings and risks identified through the reporting process


Filippo Bettini, Pirelli, Chief Sustainability and Risk Governance Officer

Erik Nooteboom, European Commission, Acting Director of Investment and Company reporting

Heather Johnson, Ericsson, Director of Stakeholder Engagement

Dr Monica Streck, Munich Airport, Director of Strategic Sustainability Management

Lisa Basford, InterContinental Hotel Group, Head of Corporate Responsibility

Rowland Hill, Marks and Spencer, Head of SD Reporting

Justin Bazalgette, Belron International, Head of Environmental Efficiency

Bianca Shead, SAB Miller, Sustainable Development, Advocacy and Policy Manager Click here for the agenda Click here to register

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