Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Top 50 Greenest Universities in America (Sierra Magazine)

Each year Sierra Magazine ranks schools in terms of the following categories: Energy, investments, food, innovation, academics, planning, purchasing, transport, waste, and water.

Formally known as the "Cool Schools" ranking, this is one of the most widely read measurements of colleges' and universities' environmental standards. To compile these lists Sierra Magazine collaborates with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) to collect raw data. Institutions can report data using the STARS 2.0 Reporting Tool, available on AASHE's website.

Here are Sierra's top fifty universities for 2015:
  1. University of California, Irvine
  2. University of California, Davis
  3. University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh 
  4. Colorado State University 
  5. Middlebury College
  6. Oberlin College 
  7. University of California, San Diego  
  8. University of Connecticut 
  9. Lewis & Clark College
  10. University of Washington 
  11. Arizona State Universit
  12. Dickinson College
  13. University of California, Berkeley
  14. University of South Florida
  15. Green Mountain College
  16. College of the Atlantic
  17. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  18. Portland State University
  19. University of California, Santa Barbara 
  20. Colby College
  21. Stanford University
  22. Chatham University
  23. University of Pennsylvania
  24. Appalachian State University
  25. Emory University
  26. Wisconsin–River Falls
  27. University of Maryland, College Park 
  28. Duke University
  29. Cornell University
  30. Macalester College
  31. California State University, Chico
  32. George Washington University
  33. University of Minnesota, Morris 
  34. University of the Pacific  
  35. University of Arizona 
  36. Pomona College  
  37. Grand Valley State University
  38. Pennsylvania State University
  39. Colgate University
  40. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  41. Harvard University 
  42. Oregon State University
  43. University of California, Los Angeles
  44. University of California, Santa Cruz
  45. University of Vermont 
  46. California State University, Channel Islands  
  47. University of Missouri (Mizzou)  
  48. Bard College 
  49. Rice University  
  50. Santa Clara University 
For the full list and scores click here.

Make sure to see the article titled, "Comprehensive Green School Information and Resources." It contains links to over 325 articles covering everything you need to know about sustainable academics, student eco-initiatives, green school buildings, and college rankings as well as a wide range of related information and resources.

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