Saturday, September 3, 2016

Celebrating ASU's School of Sustainability (Video)

ASU's School of Sustainability is the very first school of sustainability in the US. It has been training world class leaders for the last ten years. In 2016, the school is celebrating a decade of innovation, adaptation and advances. This school is at the forefront of efforts to train leaders that will contribute to global betterment. It has become a model for sustainability programs around the US and the world.

The school has been instrumental in launching sustainability education around the globe. Their academic leadership has become a model for other sustainability programs. Thanks in part to the trailblazing work of ASU there are now more than 150 universities that offer accredited sustainability programs.

It is important to understand that this school launched in 2006 when sustainability was still obscure.  As one education said to his students in the early years, we are preparing you for jobs that may not have been created yet. Since then things have changed and sustainability is now a ubiquitous part of all of our lives.

Over the years the institution has gained international recognition for its work. Their leading transdisciplinary approach is solution oriented and it draws from every discipline (biology, engineering, business, geology, law, planning, and math).

In 2014-2015, more than 1,500 students were enrolled as sustainability majors and minors across business, engineering, sustainability, humanities and nutrition. Thanks to ASU's innovative educational leadership many thousands of students are actively applying what they have learned in their careers.

The School of Sustainability’s undergraduate major-to-career match is nearly double the national average. According to a 2015 survey, 48 percent of the school’s employed undergraduate alumni are working in sustainability careers; the national average is 27.3 percent. The rate was even higher for ASU graduate students (89 percent) and doctoral alumni (86 percent).

This is a school that is preparing students for the future, they are always adapting and integrating new material so that they can remain on the cutting edge of a domain that is constantly evolving.

For more information on ASU's School of Sustainabilty click here.

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