Saturday, September 3, 2016

Free Educational Resources at the Supply Chain Sustainability School (Video)

Here are free resources to help you come to a better understanding of supply chain sustainability. Integrating sustainability into your supply chain is about gaining a competitive advantage, showing leadership and getting ahead of regulations. As explained in the video below, this is not just about the environment this is also about economics.

Launched in 2012, the Supply Chain Sustainability School is a multi award winning initiative which represents a common approach to addressing sustainability in supply chains. With more than 14,000 members, the School provides free practical support in the form of e-learning modules, tailored self-assessment and action plans, sustainability training and networking opportunities.

The following short video animation provides a great overview of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

As a supplier you can choose to receive advice that is tailored to the clients and markets in which you operate. We now provide advice tailored to the construction, facilities management and infrastructure markets, so simply use the blue navigation bar above to pick the market that represents the majority of your sales and you'll enter a resource library that represents the leading knowledge in the field. Of course you can always dip into knowledge in any of the other market sectors - its only a couple of clicks away.

The School is delivered by an independent third party, Action Sustainability, so you can trust that the information you provide will remain confidential. This commitment is enshrined in our Code of Ethics and signed by all the School’s partners as part of the School Constitution.

In this video Supply Chain Sustainability school is explained by the its's partners.

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