Sunday, October 2, 2016

Event - 2016 New Energy Summit

This event will take place on Octobert 17-18, 2016 in Washington, D.C. This is the fourth annual New Energy Summit hosted by Distributed Sun, LLC. This year’s agenda will cover such topics as tax equity, community solar, and net metering. The agenda includes keynote guests, presentations and thought-provoking, informative discussions about the latest trends in finance, risk evaluation, regulatory developments and common practices. The partnerships formed at this summit can help you build your business and accelerate the growth of the renewable energy marketplace.

At the 2015 summit there were more than 200 top level executives in attendance and the speakers included Rhone Resch, Joe Goffman, and Nancy Pfund. The 2016 New Energy Summit will also feature a roster of pioneers, innovators and industry champions including Jigar Shah – Co-Founder of Generate Capital and Reed Hundt – Co-Founder of Coalition for Green Capital. Here are the keynote and featured speakers for the 2016 Summit.

Keynote Speakers

Joseph Goffman
Reed Hundt
Jim Rogers
Jigar Shah
Terence Sobolewski

Featured Speakers

George Frampton
Julia Hamm
Keith Martin
Mary Beth Mandanas
Ethan Zind

The 2016 New Energy Summit is an invitation-only, principal players conference.

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