Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Donald Trump Laid Bare: Comprehensive Summary of Reasons Why Trump is a Disaster

Donald Trump may be the worst person ever to seek America's highest office. The litany of lies and concerns about his sanity are among a number of issues that is so voluminous that it is hard to keep track. It is important to appreciate that people condemning Trump include those who have worked with. Mark Cuban is among those who once supported Trump that indicate he is unfit to lead.

The issue is not just that Trump would not be a good president, the concerns run far deeper.  We know that if Trump was president it would mean game over for climate action and this would augur an unprecedented catastrophe.  A New York Times opinion piece even called Trump an "existential threat".

To help voters to follow the issues plaguing the Republican candidate here is a comprehensive summary of his misdeeds. This spans the gamut from the inappropriate to high crimes.


Trump has accused Hilary Clinton of all the things that he himself is guilty of, from being unsuited in temperament to being a "crook". Let start with the email scandal (as most know by now Hilary has been cleared of all criminal wrongdoing). While Trump has harped on this relentlessly, he also deleted emails when he was ordered not to do so by the courts.


The list of Trump's insults are hard to follow as much of what tumbles out of his mouth can be construed as offensive. Most recently Trump has called deaf actor Marlee Matlin "retarded".

As reported by Slate, here are 230 offensive things that Donald Trump has said. If you want to see the long list of Trump's Twitter attacks check out this New York Times summary.

Economy and energy

Trump claims he is a real-estate mogul and a good businessman, however, his empire is falling apart. Most recently a hotel that bears his name and he manages in Toronto has just filed for bankruptcy. This is but the latest in a slew of buildings that will be distancing themselves from Trump's tarnished brand.

Trump's positions on energy and the economy are a farce that will both destroy the planet and drive us into a deep recession. His policy platform on these issues can best be described as a "fantasy".

As reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, a number of prominent economists including eight Nobel laureates have urged voters not to vote for Trump because his economic policies are, to quote Trump, a "disaster".

One of the most recent statements causing concern on the economy front is Trump's plan to privatize roads and bridges.


It is no secret that Russia loves Trumps. Newsweek does a good job explaining some of the reasons why.
There have been a number of questions about his love for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and his treasonous invitation to Russia (asking them to keep-up their hacking activities in the US). Trump has claimed he has no investments in Russia and he has received no money from Russian oligarchs. According to ABC News, this is a lie.

Trump's former campaign manager Paul Maniford is known to have been a senior advisor to the pro-Russia Ukrainian president. As reported by NBC News Maniford is being investigated by the FBI for his ties to Russia. Mother Jones has reported that a veteran spy alleging that Trump is part of a Russians scheme.

Mob ties

According to Daily KOS Trump has also lied about his mob connections. This article alleges that Trump has ties to the Russian mafia and the American mafia. If you would like visual proof corroborating this allegation click here.

Voter suppression/intimidation

One of the most under-reported major issues in this election cycle is the way the Republican governors are making it hard for people likely to vote for democrats to cast their ballet. Due to concerns about voter suppression a judge has issued a restraining order against Trump to try to restrict voter intimidation.


Even evangelicals, historically stalwart Republicans, are having well-warranted second thoughts about Trump. Trump has very little support from women, Latinos, blacks, millennials, and educated people. Without evangelical support, Trump does not have a prayer.


The New York Times has got it right from the beginning, dismissing Trump as a dangerous candidate. They made the case as to why Trump does not deserve voter support

In Canada, a country that some Americans hope to escape to if Trump becomes president, the Globe and Mail published a piece virtually begging Americans not to vote for Trump.

Trump and his supporters dismiss the media as biased. The popular media has failed in epic fashion this election cycle, but not in the way that Trump and his supporters think. As some media outlets strove for balance, they failed to accurately report Trump's misdeeds, while they overemphasizing the relatively minor issue of Hilary's emails.

For all these reasons, many think that voting for Trump is tantamount to treason.


Throughout the campaign, Trump has called for violence or failed to condemn it when it has occurred. As reported by the Washington Post, one of the most troubling things about this election cycle is the possibility of Trump inspired violence when he loses, particularly if as he threatened in the final debate, if he fails to recognize that Hilary has won. In fairness he did say that he would accept the election results if he wins. They will no doubt revert to their vote rigging fallacy.  As explained in the post article:

"Republican elected officials increasingly feel emboldened to openly suggest violence against Clinton should she be elected."


As reviewed by the post and a number of others, in addition to Trump's brand, America's democracy has been seriously tarnished by the Republican nominee.

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