Sunday, January 1, 2017

Global Warning 2017: Combating the Dystopia of the Trump Administration

Welcome to the dawn of the American decline. We are on the cusp of a dystopia that will cast a shadow that will be felt for generations. While we were beginning to do what we must do to manage climate change, the election of Donald Trump changes everything. Some have said we should wait and see what he will do before we pass judgment. Under normal circumstances this would be sage advice. In the case of Trump only willful blindness can deliver us to the hope that he may not be as bad as he appears.

We must prepare for the unthinkable. We were teetering on the brink of tipping points, the election of Trump will likely push us over the edge. However all is not lost, we can hold the Trump administration accountable, we can take them to task and show his supporters how they are not their champions.  We can support the states, cities and organizations that show environmental and social leadership and we can start preparing for the midterm elections.

The Green Market Oracle will continue to highlight the conduct of responsible actors while holding the Trump administration accountable every time they do something unconscionable to the environment. We will keep focused on sustainability-focused businesses and government action at the state and municipal levels. We will explore the ongoing growth of renewable energy and keep making the case against fossil fuels.

Fact based journalism will be the key to combating the Trump administration. We must not let them control the narrative. Traditional media has failed and Trump will lie his way through the presidency just as he lied his way into the oval office. This is no easy feat as the Trump administration includes some of the world's most capable dealers in the art of subterfuge.

Steve Bannon Trump's chief strategy advisor is one of the world's leading purveyors of fake news. To make matters worse Bannon's Brietbart News is expanding into the UK and France. Rex Tillerson, the new secretary of state is the former head of ExxonMobil, the most deceitful and destructive corporation on earth.  Scott Pruitt the new EPA chief has fought hard against the organization that he now heads.

We must refute their lies and counter their spin. With this in mind The Green Market Oracle will be partnering with other sites to provide incisive and comprehensive reporting in the fog of a Trump presidency.

Everything we take for granted, including the venerable institution of Democracy is under assault. Truth is the most effective bulwark we have against the horror-show that is unfolding in the US Europe and elsewhere.

We have come too far to allow the extreme right to undo the social and environmental progress we have made. We must resist those who fear the demise of white privilege and undermine science based policy decisions.

If you care about the environment, our climate and the institution of democracy, please consider supporting us in our efforts to speak truth to power. There is no time to waste, the war against the dystopia of a Trump administration is already underway.

No one knows exactly how the Trump administration will unfold. However, even the most optimistic scenarios are the stuff of nightmares. This is not an ideologically driven perspective this is a reasonable assessment of what we can expect. We have reason to fear, but fear must translate to action.

Heads of state, climate scientists and business leaders have all warned Trump not to cancel the Paris Agreement and they have called on the President-Elect to act on climate change.

We call on all good people of conscience to stand with us as we engage the struggle that will define us and future generations.

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