Sunday, March 5, 2017

Event - International Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy

The International Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy (ICERE) will take place on May 2 - 4, 2017 in Venice Italy at the Best Western Hotel Bologna. This is the fourth ICERE event and it follows the success of ICERE 2016 in Munich, Germany. Previous conferences have taken place in Paris and Vienna.

ICERE brings together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Environment and Renewable Energy to a common forum. The aim of this conference is to promote environmentally safe and economically sustainable renewable energy, to create theoretical base of the utilization and implementation of renewable energy sources. Another goal is to promote research in the field of Environmental science and development of renewable energy and to facilitate exchange of new ideas in these fields and to create a dialogue between scientists and practitioners.

Topics will include, but will not be limited to
  • Climate change
  • Global warming
  • New perspectives of renewable energy
  • Wind energy technologies
  • Solar energy technologies
  • Biomass industries
  • Waste to energy
  • Heating and cooling applications
  • Low energy architecture
  • Energy saving in buildings
  • Hydro power
  • Renewable energy economics

Keynote Speakers
  • Dr. Marika Tatishvili, weather modeling department at Georgian Technical University
  • Dr. Pierre Dechamps, policy officer, Climate Action and Earth Observation European Commission
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