Sunday, April 2, 2017

Event - Impact Capitalism Summit: Building An Economy That Works For All

The 8th annual Impact Capitalism Summit will take place on April 25 - 26 in Chicago Illinois. This is the largest convening of investors focused on maximizing impact and maximizing return across asset classes. This event is brought to you by Big Path Capital which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

This Summit will focus on the role of capital markets in creating an economy where opportunity and prosperity are widely shared. It will explore a simple and powerful premise…stakeholders who have a hand in creating value should share in its successful outcomes. You will hear from prominent family offices, institutional investors and influential foundations about what is driving their impact investment decision-making in 2017 and experience an exciting lineup of discussions, debates, and performances across asset classes and impact themes.

  • Jeremy Keele, Sorenson Impact Center, President & CEO
  • Julia Balandina Jaquier, JBJ, Founder & Managing Director Vince Siciliano, New Resource Bank, President CEO
  • Chintan Panchal, RPCK l Rastegar Panchal, Founding Partner
  • Anna-Marie Wascher, Flat World Partners, CEO
  • Speakers 2017, Gary LaMarche, Democracy Alliance
  • President, Terry Tamminen, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, CEO
  • Elizabeth Carlock Phillips, Phillips Family Office, Principal
  • Scott C. Smith, Reed Smith, Partner
  • Henry McKoy, NC Central University, Impact Lecturer and Director of Entrepreneurship
  • Matt O'Hayer, Vital Farms, Founder & CEO
  • Bill McCalpin, Athena Capital, Managing Partner, Impact Investments
  • Gillian Tett, Financial Times, US Managing Editor
  • Tony Arnerich, Arnerich Massena & Associates, Co-CIO & Principal
  • Alan Snoddy, The Church Pension Group, Managing Director
  • David Erickson, Ascension Investment Management, Chief Investment Officer
  • Christie Zarkovich, Cambridge Associates, Managing Director
  • Sylvia Poniecki, Wespath Investment Management, Director, Positive Social Purpose Lending Program
  • Kurt Morriesen, UN PRI, Sr Manager of Impact Investing Programs & Initiatives
  • Stephen Freedman, UBS Wealth Management Americas, Head of Sustainable Investing
  • Kurt Summers, City of Chicago, City Treasurer
  • Fran Seegull, Executive Director US Impact Investing Alliance
  • Debra Schwartz, MacArthur Foundation, Managing Director
  • Mark deVries, Threshold Group, Director of Manager Research
  • Jonathan F.P. Rose, Jonathan Rose Companies, President
  • William Towns, Benefit Chicago, Executive Director
  • Thomas Knowles, Gratitude Railroad, Managing Partner
  • Diana Propper de Callejon, Cranemere Inc, Managing Director
  • Eric White, Principal, Cogent Consulting Inc.
  • Susan Hammel, Founder, Cogent Consulting
  • Kurt Faulhaber, Stafford Capital Partners, Partner
  • Andrea Armeni, Transform Finance, Executive Director
  • Mamadou-Abou Sarr, Northern Trust Asset Management, Sr Vice President, Global Head of ESG
  • Martin Whittaker,JUST Capital, CEO
  • David Hood, Sonen Capital, Managing Director
  • Abhilash Mudaliar, Research Director, GIIN
  • David Bank, Editor & CEO ImpactAlpha
  • Abigail Noble, The ImPact CEO
  • Sarah Koch, the Case Foundation, Vice President Social Innovation
  • Amy Wang, PG Impact Investments, Vice President
  • George Ashton, Sol Systems, President
  • Salvador Manjivar, Benificial State Foundation, Executive Director
  • Shauib Sidiqqui, Surdna Foundation, Director, Impact Investing
  • Paul Herman, HIP Investor, CEO & Founder
  • Emily Chasan, Bloomberg Brief, Sustainable Finance Editor
  • Lindsay Zizumbo, Sorenson Impact Center, Associate Director
  • Bonnie Lyn de Bartok, MacCormick, Founder & CEO
  • Greg Jania, APG Asset Management, Head of Fund Investing
  • Will Tickle, Ballentine Partners, Sr Investment Advisor
  • Paul Brown, Sorenson Impact Center
  • Managing Director, Fixed Income Fund
  • Lauren Booker Allen, Omidyar Network, Sr Manager - Impact Investing
  • Stephen Lee, TIAA CREF, Principal Impact Investing
  • John Duong, Lumina Impact Ventrures, Director
  • Tanya Svidler, Morningstar, Director of ESG Solutions
  • Urs Wietlisbach, Partners Group Partner & Co-Founder
  • Georges Dyer, Intentional Endowments, Executive Director
  • Felicity Conrad, Paladin, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Toby Heaps, Corporate Knights, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Zeke Thomas, Gorilla Records, CEO & Founder
  • Nick Flores, The CAPROCK Grp, Director, Impact Investing
  • Bo Burlingham, Forbes, Contributing Editor
Keynote speakers
  • Craig Fowler, Harbourvest Partners, Managing Director
  • Alexandre Monnier, Family Office Exchange, President
  • Leopold Prince Oettingen-Wallerstein, Adeptus, Vermogensverwaltung GMBH, Co-Founder & Partner
  • Mekela Krishnan, McKinsey Global Institute, Engagement Manager
  • Mark Wilson, FAST Company, Sr Writer
Attendance is limited. If you have not received an invitation, you may apply by clicking the link below. Registration is limited to Impact investors and those allied to the field.

To register click here.

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