Tuesday, August 1, 2017

13 Applications of Tesla Batteries that are Revolutionizing Renewables

Tesla Energy is revolutionizing the renewable energy space by making large-scale battery power more accessible.  Efficient and inexpensive power storage has long been the holy grail of renewable energy. By storing renewable energy Tesla is helping to lessen the need for pollution causing fossil fuels. As the leader in the rapidly growing energy storage sector Tesla's cost effective battery systems are making clean power truly viable in a broad range of settings.

Energy storage has been the principle obstacle that has undermined renewables since their inception. Both solar and wind energy are plagued by the so called "intermittency" problem. Tesla's storage systems address the Achilles heel of renewable energy by providing energy on demand regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. 

Tesla is now offering the Powerwall 2 for home use and the scalable Powerpack 2 for larger applications. Tesla's Powerpacks are being used in a wide range of contexts. Here are 13 examples of Powerpack applications that run the gamut from powering entire islands to meeting the energy requirements of businesses and utilities.

Tesla converted the entire island of American Samoa from dirty oil to clean renewables in only one year. The island is now using stored clean energy from Tesla's Powerpacks that are being charged by a 1.4-megawatt solar array from SolarCity. The Hawaiian island of Kaua’i and North Carolina's Ocracoke Island also use Tesla's Powerpacks to store the sun's energy.

Tesla powerpacks are being used by resorts including the Singita ecotourism lodge on the outskirts of Kruger National Park in South Africa. The wine and beer industry is focused on sustainability and in California Powerpacks are being used extensively.  Both the Jackson Family Wines' La Crema winery located in Sonoma County and the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico use Powerpacks. Tesla Energy storage systems can also be found at sporting venues, farms, and malls.

One of the more interesting applications of Powerpacks can be found at the Irvine Ranch water utility. This is the largest energy storage integration at any public water agency in the US. The batteries are designed to store energy generated by a wind farm in Jamestown.

Massive grid-scale battery facilities are also being built using Tesla's battery systems. Tesla's 20MW/80MWh installation in Southern California is one the world's largest battery energy storage systems. In South Australia Musk is building a 100 MW battery system which when completed will be the largest battery facility in the world.

Cost declines are powering the growth of renewables and Tesla's storage solutions are a critical part of the required elements essential for widespread adoption.

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