Thursday, September 21, 2017

Top 50 Green Universities in the UK

UK universities are among the top performing sustainability focused institutions in the world. According to the Universitas Indonesia (UI) GreenMetric World University Ranking 8 of the top 50 green universities are in the UK. The ranking places University of Nottingham as the second greenest university in the world, after University of California Davis. Moreover, 5 spots out of the first 10 are awarded to British universities. The complete list includes a total of 150 universities in the UK. In the UK Nottingham Trent University came in first with a score of 76,20 percent, followed by University of Brighton with a score of 74,80 percent.

The map below, shows UK’s top 50 Green Universities and their most notable sustainable projects.  The map includes the total score of People and Planet, the university’s achievements in carbon and waste reduction, plus an additional example of a notable initiative or project the university has implemented.

Ranking 1 - 10       Ranking 11 - 20        Ranking 21 - 30       Ranking 31 - 40        Ranking 41 - 50

Map by GreenMatch


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