Thursday, December 28, 2017

One Planet Summit Highlights the EU's Climate Leadership

As evidenced by the recent One Planet Summit, the EU and its member states are leading climate action. In the EU, governments, businesses and investors are all engaged in hopeful efforts and initiatives designed to combat climate change.

On the anniversary of the signing of the Paris Climate agreement on December 12, French President Macron convened a summit to encourage private and public financing for the implementation of the Paris agreement. The One Planet Summit was attended by governments, corporations and other organizations. At this event the European Union announced that it would invest at least €9 billion (US$10 billion) on clean energy, sustainable cities and agriculture. Even Theresa May, the less than green-minded prime minister of the UK, acknowledged the need for wealthy nations to help the developing world. She pledged to contribute £140 million to help poorer countries manage climate change.

European nations are also working towards the goal of eradicating emissions. Germany is already a climate leader and that nation has announced that it will slash its greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 95 percent by 2050. France has emerged as the global climate leader. The country in engaged in serious emission reduction efforts through the adoption of a host of forward looking initiatives.

The EU and its member states are leading producers of renewable energy. engaged in consorted efforts to reduce emissions, ratchet-up climate finance, move away from fossil fuels, grow the green economy, and invest in agricultural adaptation.

The EU's efforts are all the more important in the face of the fiasco that is the Trump administration. Trump has eviscerated the US government's climate action plan. Trump announced that he is withdrawing from the 2015 Paris Climate agreement.

The US is now the only nation on Earth that has will not honor to their emissions reduction pledges. In the face of an historically irresponsible US government the EU is leading nations, organizations and individuals who are committed to the goals of the Paris Accord.

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