Sunday, January 28, 2018

Event - Goodness Matters Benevity Conference

The Goodness Matters annual Benevity conference will take place on February 6 - 8, 2018 in Palm Springs, California.  The occassion also marks Benevity's tenth anniversary.  At GM2018 corporate giving professionals will gather in sunny Palm Springs to learn and participate in discussions that will augur the next era of corporate goodness. From insightful talks to client showcases, product previews to fun networking opportunities.

GM2018 will offer insight into the evolving role of corporations as catalysts for positive change and prosocial behavior in elevating both employee experience and business outcomes. With practical takeaways aimed at increasing your corporate Goodness program and more networking and peer learning opportunities than ever before.

Be among the first to hear about the accelerating shift from employee engagement towards a more holistic focus on employee experience. Learn how neuroscience, diversity, inclusion and a culture of belonging are helping shape the next era of Goodness.

Hear from your peers and thought leaders as they share success stories and proven best practices to help you tackle challenges and make the most of new opportunities. Gain unparalleled insight with the I10 series where 10 Inspired talks offer up the goods right from the source!

The best ideas and solutions to the toughest problems are seldom arrived at alone! Take advantage of the bevy of networking opportunities #GM2018 has to offer to make meaningful connections with likeminded Do-Gooders... perhaps over a shared bevvy or two of your own!

Get an exclusive first look at Benevity’s newest products and services. See how you can leverage their ongoing innovation through hands-on demos with on-site experts. They are ramping up to change workplace engagement programs to enable and empower more prosocial behavior than ever before.

GM2018 will also offer workshops alongside breakout sessions. Attend workshops to strengthen your understanding of what makes for an impactful program and dive deep into a breakout session to further your knowledge of Brevity's products and how you can benefit from best harnessing their power.

At the 2017 conference attendees heard from trendsetters and bold thinkers who are transforming their programs and workshopped big ideas with peers. Also on the agenda was finding out how to harness all the elements of Goodness including giving, volunteering and grants, to make big strides in their workplace and community.

GM2018 also offers practical takeaways aimed at increasing corporate goodness programs, as well as networking and peer learning opportunities. Realized Worth’s very own Chris Jarvis will join CEO Bryan de Lotinville in an opening night discussion.

To register for the 2018 Goodness Matters Benevity conference click here.

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