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Presentation - High Efficiency TRI-ENERGY™ Home Heating Breakthrough that Slashes Costs and Reduces Emissions

the benefis of heating your home with tri energy
On February 27th there will be a free information session about a cost-saving technological breakthrough in home heating systems. It will take place at the Holiday Inn in Point-Claire, Quebec. The presentation will focus on TRI-ENERGY™, a new low carbon heating technology that slashes both your heating bill and your emissions footprint. The TRI-ENERGY™ system takes radical efficiency to a whole new level. This system not only offers impressive savings it also provides increased comfort.


When the cold weather hits exorbitant heating bills are sure to follow.The TRI-ENERGY™ system is a cost-effective heating solution particularly when compared to traditional heating systems.  TRI-ENERGY™ technology costs a fraction of the price of a conventional furnace to install. It has no maintenance costs and it significantly reduces energy consumption and monthly heating bills.


The TRI-ENERGY™ system maintains a constant temperature avoiding temperature swings and dry indoor air. By keeping your home at a stable temperature TRI-ENERGY™ saves you even more  money by reducing wear and tear on your heat pump and your furnace thereby extending the service life. It also eliminates bone-chilling cold air during defrost cycles.

Tested and proven technology

The proven TRI-ENERGY™ system's high efficiency technology has been extensively tested in hundreds of homes in and around Montreal, one of the coldest major cities in the world. Montreal's average daily temperature in February is -9°C or 16°F. The TRI-ENERGY™ system can meet house heating demands down to – 12°C.

How does it work

TRI-ENERGY™ unlocks the full potential of central heating by combining a fuel furnace, heat - pump electric heater and a 3 - FLEX control unit to exert maximum efficiency and comfort at the lowest cost. TRI-ENERGY™ adds a small electric heater in the main duct to inject measured heat to help the heat pump in meeting house heat demand down to – 12°C. The 3 - FLEX control panel is added to maximize efficiency by synchronizing heating appliances. This enables the heat pump to run without interruptions resulting in lower heating and maintenance cost as well as improved home comfort and less wear and tear. Unlike a house thermostat the 3 - FLEX controller regulates heat supply based on indoor heat demand (without sensors) gently raising supply temperature during heat recovery and reducing it again at daytime setpoint for optimal efficiency and comfort at the lowest cost. A good analogy for the way TRI-ENERGY™ works would be driving from point A to B in busy city traffic versus being able to maintain a constant speed without stopping. It is obvious that the latter uses less fuel and is, therefore, more efficient. 

Lower GHGs

Greater efficiency lowers costs and climate change causing greenhouse gases (GHGs). Traditional home heating is not only expensive it is also a major source of GHG pollution and as such it is a significant contributor to climate change. Effective emissions reduction is largely about reducing fossil fuel use. According to EPA statistics, electricity and heat production account for one-quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions in the US. As indicated by StatCan, residential fuel use (home and motor) in Canada accounts for about one-third of household emissions. Canada has one of the highest levels of direct per capita residential greenhouse gas emissions in the world (third highest in the G8). The TRI-ENERGY™ system reduces GHG emissions by as much as 85 percent.

Efficiency Savings

TRI-ENERGY™ is the most efficient energy option on the market. Single stage fuel furnaces without another heat source always operate at peak capacity making it the least efficient heating system option. The 3 - FLEX controller using the downstaging capability of heating systems with heat - pump can cut your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 70 percent. Heating without a heat 
pump (including hydronic heating systems) can cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions up to 85 percent. Heating costs are cut by up to 60 percent and fuel use is reduced by up to 70 percent.

Tri Energy vs. Geothermal Energy

bar graph chart showing comparative cost savings with tri energyThere are a number of options for people who seek to minimize the monthly cost and emissions. One of those options is investing in a geothermal system to heat their homes. While this is a low carbon option it comes with considerable upfront costs. A geothermal system for an averaged size home (2000 sq. ft.) would cost approximately $25,000 to install, in exchange for a monthly saving of about 50 percent on your heating bill. While geothermal may be an option for some large buildings, upfront costs mean that it is not economically viable for most home owners. Similar upfront cost issues arise with both solar and wind power.

Tri Energy Safeguards

TRI-ENERGY™ system has built in safeguards and LED message lights and alarms. The system automatically switches to electric heat in case of a heat pump or furnace malfunction. In the event of a blower motor failure or a very dirty air filter, the heating system will shut down. It turns off all heat when insufficient or no airflow is detected and sequentially disables electric heating stages if supply duct temperature exceeds a preset level. In addition to switching off the malfunctioning appliance the TRI-ENERGY™ system will send LED and text alarm messages.


The TRI-ENERGY™ system partners especially well with lower cost renewable sources of energy. Hydro-Quebec's abundant hydro-power is some of the most affordable electricity in the world. This has prompted an endorsement by home expert Jon Eakes who says he highly recommends TRI-ENERGY™ for home heating because it takes maximum advantage of the low Hydro residential DT rate. TRI-ENERGY's™ ability to optimize heat pump efficiency with hydroelectricity makes this the lowest cost heating system you can own in Quebec leaving all other options far behind. (On April 1, 2017, the Régie de l’énergie approved a decrease in Rate DT electricity prices. This means you’ll save even more with your dual-energy system).

Is TRI-ENERGY™ for you?

Almost anyone can take advantage of the TRI-ENERGY™ system. The 3 - FLEX controller can be partnered with existing fuel furnace, hydronic and dual heat systems.  Even if you do not have a heat pump you can add an electric plenum heater to a fuel furnace and still be eligible for the low Hydro DT rate.


"Very satisfied, saving 50% over dual - heat."
- Claude H., Beaconsfield, QC.

"Surpassed all my expectations."
- Jean L., Brossard, QC

"Well worth the investment."
- John K, Chomedey, QC.

"The system is working perfectly!"
- Paul R, St.Lazare, QC.

"Much more comfortable and no more oil smells."
Helen C, Beaconsfield, QC.

"It may seem too good to be true but it really delivers. My system paid for itself in the first winter."
- Richard M, Pointe Claire, QC.

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