Thursday, May 31, 2018

Event - Responsible Investment Forum Europe 2018

The Responsible Investment Forum Europe 2018 will take place on June 12 - 13 at the Waldorf Hilton, London, United Kingdom. Now in its 9th year, the longest running Private Equity meeting focused on bringing together GPs and LPs to discuss ESG issues and market trends is back again.

Many of the experts quoted in this unique supplement will be speaking at the event. Attracting over 250 delegates annually, this event is the largest event globally focused on ESG issues within private equity. Whilst ESG has grown due to LPs demanding managers to adopt stricter ESG principles, GPs are increasingly seeing how implementing ESG can add value to their portfolio companies.

Agenda highlights

1)  PRI/ERM Reporting and Monitoring Workshop will take place on Wednesday 13th June, 9am-9.55am. This workshop will by presented by Guy Roberts, and it will address the following:
  • Making the case for reporting and monitoring ESG processes within the life of a fund
  • Giving a range of options depending on levels of ESG integration maturity
  • Ensuring a consistent and streamlined approach across the sector
  • Are we getting closer to standards of disclosure on ESG?

2)  A Streamed Workshop on on TCFD recommendations will take place on Wednesday 13th June, 3.35pm – 4.20pm and it will feature James Stacey. It will include the following:
  • Update on the progress of the FSB taskforce
  • Using scenario analysis
  • Moving beyond disclosure
  • How value can be added by developing a climate risk strategy

3)  SDG Networking Roundtable Discussion will take place on Wednesday 13th June, 5pm - 6pm and the lead will be Linden Edgell.

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