Thursday, May 17, 2018

Webinar - How to Put the Planet in Your Portfolio: CoPower's New Green Bonds for Canadian Investors

This webinar will take place today Thursday, May 17 at 4pm ET / 1pm PT. It will address the issuance of new Green Bonds that can help you put your money to work for profit and planet. With updated terms and some exciting new clean energy projects in the pipeline,  CoPower's newest Green Bonds include a 6-year, 5% bond, and a 4-year, 4% bond.

When you invest in Green Bonds you’re investing in a diversified portfolio of loans to clean energy and energy efficiency projects. The projects generate steady revenues from the sale of clean energy or energy savings, allowing you to earn competitive fixed returns while reducing carbon emissions.

Easy, profitable clean energy investing for investors of all sizes that are good for your portfolio. Investing in clean energy projects is a great way to put your money to work for both compelling returns and measurable impact. But it's difficult for most investors to participate in this opportunity.

CoPower makes it simple. Their Green Bonds are backed by diversified portfolios of senior, secured loans to clean energy projects and energy efficiency projects that reduce carbon and generate steady revenues - revenues that are used to pay investors like you. Their Green Bonds are backed by clean energy projects that earn steady returns from energy savings or the sale of clean energy.

Expertly Managed: Each project loan backing the Green Bonds is vetted and structured by a team of experts following a rigorous due diligence process.

Competitive Returns: Earn up to 5% annually by investing in markets under-served by mainstream finance and earn a steady income with quarterly payments.

Online Monitoring: Your personalized investor dashboard makes it easy to track financial performance and environmental impact.

Diversification: Private, fixed-rate bonds help offset your exposure to market volatility and improve diversification in your portfolio.

Carbon Reductions: Your investment helps finance more clean energy and energy efficiency projects that measurably reduce harmful emissions.

CoPower Green Bonds are currently available for investment via the CoPower platform in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon and Nova Scotia. Canadians outside of eligible provinces and territories may invest via a securities dealer. Please contact for more information.

Join Jennifer Macdonald, CoPower's Manager of Impact Investing, for a live 45-minute webinar covering CoPower's new Green Bond terms and features, the clean energy projects your investment will support, and Q&A.

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