Friday, August 24, 2018

Course - Big Data and Social Analytics

This flexible 8-12 hours per week, online short course is offered by MIT School of Architecture and Planning. Big data it is a portal to a wealth of benefits including operational efficiencies, however, when big data is paired with social analytics it unlocks a new way for us to view the world. Peering through the lens of social physics we gain access to a unique perspective that shifts the focus of big data. In this new frontier data analysis not only contributes to better decision making, it also enables us to better assist humanity.

Benefits of the Big Data and Social Analytics course at MIT
  • An understanding of the kind of data you are dealing with in your role, and the ability to conduct a preliminary analysis and draw hypotheses about the data.
  • The ability to analyze big data to better understand and predict human networks and behaviors in social structures.
  • Proof of your knowledge of big data and social analytics in the form of a certificate from the MIT School of Architecture and Planning.


Prof Pentland is the founding Faculty Director of the MIT Connection Science Research Initiative, which uses network science to access and change real-world human behavior. He also holds a triple appointment at MIT in Media Arts and Sciences, Engineering Systems Division and with the Sloan School of Management, and has been called the “Father of Social Physics”.

An online education that sets you apart

 - Gain verifiable and relevant competencies and earn invaluable recognition from a top-tier                 university, entirely online and in your own time.

- Enjoy a personalized, people-mediated online learning experience that consistently achieves a 90%+ course certification rate

- Experience a flexible but structured approach to online education as you plan your learning around your life to meet weekly milestones


Orientation Module: Welcome to Your Online Campus
  • Module 1: Foundations of Big Data and Social Physics
  • Module 2: Personal Sensors and Human Behavior
  • Module 3: First-order Analysis and Data Exploration
  • Module 4: Network of Physical Interactions
  • Module 5: Second-order Analysis and Data Exploration
  • Module 6: Using Data to Effect Behavior Change
  • Module 7: Application of Big Data in Industry
  • Module 8: Data in Action

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