Saturday, September 1, 2018

Event - Green Building Convention (GBCSA) Cape Town 2018

The Green Building Convention will take place October 3-5, 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. The theme this year is, "RACE TO ZERO". This is the definitive sustainability event and this year it is completely customizable to meet your specific needs. The 11th GBCSA deals with all aspects of sustainability but the 2018 convention will focus on buildings that achieve net zero carbon emissions, as well as building with net-zero water, waste and ecological impact.

Since its launch in 2007, green building has been growing exponentially in South Africa, and it continues to do so. It took six years to certify the first 100 buildings and less than a year and a half to reach 200 in September 2016. Just over a year later, we now have more than 300 certified green buildings in South Africa.

The Dodge Data Analytics World Green Building Trends Smart Market Report released in 2016 is a testimony to how far we’ve come as a country in our move towards green building. Its findings indicate that South Africa has the highest green share currently of any country and is set to become a leader in the green building sector by 2019.

The GBCSA is the tour de force that it is today because of the tremendous support of our generous sponsors and partners in the green building movement. Our annual convention acts as a culmination of our collective achievements over the preceding year as well as a platform to re- energise and craft our joint journey towards transforming the built environment.

Sustainable leadership takes courage. It involves doing things differently. It requires changing mindsets and breaking down boundaries. It is pioneering. It is ambitious. It is audacious… The race is on.

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“It is our collective responsibility to act in any way possible to reduce the consequences of Climate Change, conserve resources and maximize efficiency savings.” – Dorah Modise 

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