Friday, November 2, 2018

STAND APART Change Leadership Certificate (Cornell University)

STAND APART is a Change Leadership Certificate offered by Cornell University. This is an online certificate where you can learn from Cornell's top minds. All certificates are personally developed by Ivy League faculty.  This flexible, interactive programs fits into your busy life and can power your career. Cornell’s standard of excellence can help you stand apart.

As a leader in your organization, you always need to be prepared for change. Whether you’re dealing with a planned initiative, volatile industry, or unexpected situation, change is inevitable. In this series, you will identify where you fit in the power hierarchy of your organization and how this plays into your role in organizational decision making. 4 Core Courses, 2 Elective Courses

Core Courses

Navigating Power Relationships (LSM597) In many cases, those in power are the ones who get the final say in organizational decision making. Analyze where you fit in the power hierarchy and how to increase your power to get things done within your organization.

Negotiation Skills (LSM589) Being able to effectively negotiate is a critical skill that can be used in all aspects of your life—not just in the business world. Learn the ins and outs of negotiation, including how and when to negotiate.

Leading Strategic Change Initiatives (LSM583) No one likes change within their organization. But if the change initiative is led properly, the process can be successfully managed and implemented with minimal resistance. Learn how to accomplish this in your organization.

Leading Organizational Change (LSM591) Learn how to effectively manage change in your organization by knowing when change is needed, working on getting the change accepted organizationally and implementing change in the best way possible.

Elective Course Descriptions

Leading Collaborative Teams (LSM585) In order to effectively lead a team, you must first figure out how to ensure that your team works seamlessly together. Learn how to build a functional and successful team with the teachings from Cornell University.

Strategic Decision Making (LSM582) Being able to make a timely, well-reasoned decision is a critical skill every leader must possess. Learn how to hone this skill through a proven methodology from Cornell University.

Leading Across Cultures (LSM595) In today’s marketplace, leading multicultural teams is becoming the norm. Learn the skills needed to assess your organization and your management style to ensure you’re leading a diverse team in the best ways possible.

Coaching Skills for Leaders (LSM584) Managing employees isn’t enough anymore. For your company to succeed, you must build relationships through coaching. Get the skills needed to be an effective coach and learn what—and what not—to do to move your organization forward.

Motivating People to Higher Performance (LSM596) This course answers fundamental questions related to motivating people: How can you tell whether a person is unmotivated or just a poor fit for the job? How can a leader motivate a large group of people at once? And how can middle managers motivate people when there are real obstacles standing in their way?

Quality and Service Excellence (LSM594) At the end of the day, if your customers aren’t happy, your organization won’t succeed. Learn how to ensure your organization is providing the highest quality service across the board.

Planning and Delivering Effective Presentations (LSM588) Being able to effectively formulate and share your ideas verbally is a key skill essential to any leader. Learn the ins and outs of creating dynamic, attention-grabbing presentations.

Leading with Credibility (LSM586) Without the trust of those you lead and those who support you in an organization, it is next to impossible to be successful. Learn what you need to gain and keep the respect of your colleagues to keep your career moving forward.

Leading for Creativity and Innovation (LSM587) Innovation is all the rage—but do you know what it really means for your organization? Find out what innovation is and how to apply the concept to your team for successful implementation of cutting-edge ideas.

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