Sunday, December 9, 2018

Event - Conference on Sustainability in Engineering 2019

Conference on Sustainability in Engineering (CSE) will take place February 22nd - 25th, 2019 at the University of Northern British Columbia. The theme "Triple Bottom Line", will provide a foundation of knowledge on sustainability, while considering social, economic, and environmental implications. CSE 2019 will equip students with the knowledge required to tackle challenges related to sustainability. The Conference on Sustainability in Engineering is the CFES' newest conference, ratified at PM 2018. The conference aims to raise awareness about issues in sustainability and environmental engineering, and encourage students to discuss and design solutions to counter them. The Conference on Sustainability in Engineering (CSE) is a three-day national conference to educate and engage engineering students on issues of sustainability and how they can tackle it within their engineering career and everyday life.

CSE provides a stage for engineering students across Canada to discuss innovative ideas and learn from fellow students and professionals in order to further their understanding of sustainability in the Engineering field.

The objectives of the conference are to be met by providing delegates with the options of becoming a LEED green associate, take part in workshops and discussions led by professionals, network with people who share their passion for creating a sustainable future, and educating students on the basic principles of sustainability, as well as some of the new and innovative concepts used in the industry.

CSE is a three day, national conference that will gather top engineering students from across Canada to learn about sustainability and discuss its applicability to their engineering career and everyday life. It will be a stage for student leaders to share their passion and ideas of sustainability to like-minded peers and professionals. The goal of the conference is to provide students with the necessary knowledge to be able to balance social, economic, and environmental factors in the decision making process throughout their careers. These three components make up the triple bottom line which is the theme for CSE 2019.

The conference will have an optional but recommended LEED green associates certification course which will provide all the necessary information in order to obtain the certification. The other option is a case study in which teams will work together to present a feasible, sustainable solution to a real-world engineering problem. CSE will also provide delegates with esteemed keynote speakers, technical workshops, and engaging discussions in which students will be able to collaborate on ideas in order to create a sustainable future.

Sustainability Focused Venue

University of Northern British Columbia. CSE 2019 will be hosted by the University of Northern British Columbia, otherwise known as Canada’s Green University. UNBC is a perfect place to hold the inaugural year of CSE as they are a leader in sustainability with programs heavily focusing on natural resources and sustainability. Located in Prince George, UNBC is surrounded by pristine environments and friendly communities.

The University of Northern British Columbia is home to a Platinum LEED certified bioenergy plant, one of the tallest wood buildings in North America (WIDIC), the first industrialized passive house in North America (WIRL) as well as experts in sustainable studies and passionate students working towards building a better future. With the expansion of the engineering department in 2019; a full environmental and civil engineering program, the university, as well as the City of Prince George is ecstatic and is in full support of this conference. Although UNBC is a small university, it has plenty to offer. Prince George, BC

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