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Event - China Utility Week (CUW) 2019

China Utility Week (CUW) will take place on April 15-16, 2019 in Shanghai, China. In addition to learning opportunities this two day conference offers a syndicate of more than 100 exhibitors.  This is the preferred platform for energy industry professionals to expand their business, share innovative technologies and solutions and communication.

This event offers end-to-end industry solutions as well as specific zones dedicated to Innovation & start-ups, Intelligent Buildings & Energy Revolution.

At this event you can discuss and test your innovative solutions to drive the digital energy transition in China. China offers great opportunities for international exporters, particularly suppliers and service providers in the areas of high voltage transmission, synchro phasor technology and modernization of transmission operations, Renewable and Energy efficiency and partnerships in Smart City and smart grid projects.

China Utility Week 2019 will be the largest, content rich International gathering where visions, global best practices can be shared, compared and business is done to help accelerate this sustainable digital transition. As part of the global event portfolio, China Utility Week will once again utilize its global utility week event format of strategic summit, project focused hub sessions.

CUW is a combination of exhibition areas, summit for industry strategies and development trends discussion.  Industry leaders and experts from all over the world will present their speeches, shared wisdom and vision and analyze global industry landscape, as well as cutting-edge technologies and market trends in CUW. 

This is the singular must-attend event for utilities professionals in China. The conference features the most sought-after Chinese and international speakers and hottest strategic and technical topics. Over 2 days the hottest decision makers and ‘real-world doers’ will gather at CUW to share their expertise and best practices.

Attendees can pick and choose from a long list of presentations, seminars, briefings, discussions and facilitated networking opportunities. CUW features authoritative and thought provoking conference programmes with two distinct purposes. The Summit programme covers strategic discussions and the Hub Sessions programme offer more practical industry solutions.

Themes and topics for this year comprise:
  • Development of a modern power market design
  • Business models for clean energy deployment - experience from around the globe
  • Financing the energy transition
  • Digitalization of the energy system
  • Digital Innovation in Energy
  • Smart Communication Infrastructures/technologies
  • New Energy, Solar,Energy Storage,Investment & Financing
  • Clean Energy Deployment Projects
  • Smart Metering Deployment Projects
  • Smart Grid Technologies Projects
  • Energy Internet of Yangtze River Delta Region
  • Large Energy User
Who attends
  • Experts from utilities, 
  • Network operators, 
  • Vendors, 
  • Consultants
  • System integrators
  • International decision makers
  • Energy institutes, 
  • Government agencies
  • Suppliers
  • Startups, 
  • End-users
This event is attended by 3,500 Chinese and international visitors from all levels of the utility value chain from technology giants to startups and from senior-level experts to young talent. 


Innovation runs through every element of the show. The dedicated Initiate! Startup and Young Talent Programmes is the perfect platform for startups, students, young professionals and established professionals to share ideas and innovations.

“China is entering a new phase in its development, with the emphasis in energy policy now firmly on electricity, natural gas and cleaner, high-efficiency and digital technologies and China’s choices will play a huge role in determining global trends, and could spark a faster clean energy transition.”

Massive opportunity

China is the world’s largest market for electricity infrastructure development and smart grid technologies.  China is expected to account for over 24 percent of the global smart grid market at around $96 billion by 2020. This energy transition that is being driven by libaralisation, digitalisation and ambitious goals to create a sustainable energy future for China. Understandably this creates many challenges and opportunities for both Chinese and International businesses.

China is expected to increase its power transmission lines from 1.15 million circuit kilometers (Ckm) in 2014 to over 1.59 million Ckm by end-2020. The most growth is expected to be seen once the country’s Ultra High Voltage plans are executed. During 2022-2025, the market size is expected to grow the most and exceed $60bn in 2025. SGCC and CSG are the two state-owned companies that operate and maintain six regional grids and are responsible for the transmission and distribution infrastructure in China. China also has commitments to massively expand its use of smart meters. Through 2015, tenders for 425.8 million smart meters have been contracted. According to Navigant, with upwards of 469 million smart meters at the end of 3Q 2017, China continues to lead the market, accounting for 68.7% of tracked global installations. According to GTM, by 2020 China is expected to account for over 24 percent of the global smart grid market at around $96 billion China’s state-owned electric utility State Grid, with revenue of $315bn, is by far the world’s biggest power company. The unique Zhangbei high-voltage direct current (HVDC) grid in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area of China will enable the integration of remote wind, solar and hydro energy in a transmission ring that ensures optimization of power flow. Beijing’s ‘Made in China 2025’ blueprint states that China wants to become a global leader in the AI field by 2030.

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