Saturday, April 20, 2019

Earth Day Everyday: Sierra's Efforts and Reasons for Hope

Earth Day takes place on Monday April 22. Over the years this event has grown from a consciousness raising exercise to a day of action. Now it is a day for people to commit themselves to environmental actions throughout the year.

There are thousands of events taking place on this day and team Sierra is among the organizations that are playing an active role. They encourage people to appreciate nature and they are raising funds to protect both the planet and species including the Gray Wolf. Sierra has a proven track record that includes protecting 250M+ acres, hosting 15k outings a year, retiring 287 coal plants, and helping 119 cities transition to clean energy.

Some of those people who are supporting Sierra's fundraising efforts are are hosting outdoor cleanups. "I’m fundraising for Earth Day to promote awareness of our natural resources and to raise funds for the important work undertaken by Sierra Club. We must work even harder given the current administration and political climate," said one of the people taking part.

This is Team Sierra’s 3rd annual fundraiser in honor of Earth Day, and in some respects it may be the most challenging. It takes place against the backdrop of a litany of environmental and climate insults from the Trump administration. Its emphasis on fossil fuels is but one of the factors that makes this administration a climate killer.

However, it is not all bad news. The courts have challenged Trump and the transition from dirty to clean energy is well underway. Fossil fuels are dying and the dream of 100 percent renewable energy is still very much alive.

We also have reason to hope as young people are taking their place as leaders. Youth like Greta Thunburg are challenging the insanity of the existing order and the school strikes that she started have become a global phenomenon. 

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